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Federal Tax Return

Federal Tax Return

Allow our Orange County tax accountant the opportunity to prepare your federal tax return and file on your behalf. We e-file your return after an IRS Enroll Agent reviews and approves our work, eliminating any discrepancies or inaccuracies in the record.

State Tax Return

When our tax accountant prepares your return, there is plenty of confidence that things are done the right way. We’ll prepare a yearly state tax return for you.

Schedule A

We’ll file a Schedule A as a part of your tax return, itemizing all deductions that you’ll receive for the year.

Electronic Copies of Tax Documents

We’ll email you copies of all of your tax return documents for easy and prompt storage of the records.

Corporate Tax Return

S-Corporations must file a 1120S return with the IRS each year. We prepare and e-file the 1120S document for you. The document is reviewed by our IRS Enrolled Agent before submission.

Monthly Bookkeeping Service

Our bookkeepers keep your businesses financial affairs accurate and in order on a monthly basis via our awesome bookkeeping service in Orange County.

Estimated Tax Vouchers

Every quarter and again every year, we send estimated tax vouchers and preparation instructions your way. It is easy to pay your taxes when you have easy access to the vouchers without the need for an accounting team on the project!

Communication with OnTrack Staff (Limited)

One monthly email to our staff to ask financial questions or to address any of your concern is included with our Core packages.

Financial Review Board Reports

Our Financial Review Board meets twice annually to review your business dynamics. We determine if there are any adjustments that will help your business grow financially. Once the report is made, we’ll email you a summary of our findings.


Weekly Books


Some businesses require bookkeeping service more than monthly. Add our Weekly Books service to better track your business transactions.

Unlimited Support


This provides you with unlimited phone calls and emails with our bookkeeper and tax accountant.

Audit Defense


Our Audit Defense gives your business assurance. We respond to any tax notices that you receive from the IRS and represent you should an audit occur.

Tax Planning


Tax planning services find strategies that reduce your tax liability. This is our most popular add-on service!

Corporation Setup


We will help you with all aspects of Corporate Setup. We’ll help you register for an EIN number, file state taxes, and help complete forms necessary for S-Corporation listings.

Quickbooks Online


Use our add-on service and receive extremely discounted pricing for this incredible, highly useful software. If you use bookkeeping service, you need this software, especially at this price!

Rental Properties


Filing a tax return for your rental property? Add this service and we’ll report all of the rental income you’ve earned via special tax filings. Our numbers are accurate and precise.

Local Taxes


If you live in an area that requires local tax returns, add the Local Taxes feature to your packages.

Personal Tax Return


Need your personal tax return prepared by our in-house EA team? We will prepare all of you’re personal federal and state returns with this add-on feature.

Accounts Payable


Our team offers Accounts Payable services. We pay all of the invoices and alleviate the need for this tiresome task. Just add-on this feature and we’ll take care of it all.



A small per-employee fee ($6 per person) is all that it costs to add-on our Payroll feature. With this addition, we’ll help run your payroll activities and file returns, too. We even take care of setup!

Additional State Returns


One state return filing is included with our Core package. Add-on ASR if you need a return filed in multiple states.

We encourage you to visit our FAQ page for a list of common questions about packages, billing, and services