Although located in Orange County, OnTrack Accounting prides itself on being able to offer accounting service to small and medium-sized businesses in need throughout the country. Our experienced staff is able to offer the highest quality of service for all of your accounting, bookkeeping, and tax planning needs, so you can concentrate on other aspects of your business. When you can free up time by outsourcing these services to us, your own staff can concentrate on the more productive aspects of running your business.

One part of staying competitive in today’s global marketplace is developing a budget that can help you keep a tighter control over your costs without compromising growth. Our accounting service professionals can help you devise a budget that will fit your business model, which will help you maximize your business’ growth potential. Meanwhile, the tax service that OnTrack Accounting professionals provide will help you take full advantage of the latest tax laws, so you can keep more of your profits invested in your business.

Issues of security and other concerns may restrict what information you can share. Our accounting service professionals can customize a plan for you that will allow you to keep certain accounting duties in-house. As a part of that process, our staff can assist you in installing QuickBooks on your own computers and can provide online training sessions for you and your employees. All it takes is a call to 949-899-8667 or a request for an online consultation and you will soon have the bookkeeping service and tax support you need to run your business more efficiently.


At OnTrack Accounting, we understand that time can be a small business owner’s most limited asset, which is why outsourcing your accounting needs to us can make the most sense. By providing proficient bookkeeping service to our clients, we free up valuable time that’s best spent marketing and growing your business. Our assistance in managing your finances will ensure you have the information you need at your fingertips at all times, helping you to make wise choices in your day to day activities.

We won’t just take control of your accounting needs. We’ll work with you, so you’ll always have a thorough grasp of your business from an accountant’s perspective. This is essential, because it will help you make sense out of the numbers. We can show you how to use your bookkeeping records to track expenses, use your cash flow more wisely, and take advantage for new opportunities to expand your business.



OnTrack Accounting can even help you take some of the burden off of your human resources personnel and free them up to perform other tasks. Another way a professional bookkeeper can help out is by offering payroll processing services that might otherwise take up valuable time for your own employees. We’ll handle all of your payroll needs from processing and reporting to ensuring all tax filings are completed on time. No matter how many employees you may have in your organization, OnTrack Accounting can take care of your payroll needs. We take pride in offering payroll services that ensure your needs are met and your employees receive their correct pay on time.


Why go through the trouble of hiring your own bookkeeper, when our tax service professionals can perform the tasks you need accomplished and operate within your budget. From individuals to any small or medium-sized organization, OnTrack Accounting can provide up to date tax service for you. Our professionals stay educated on the newest tax law changes, so you can rest assured that your filings will always be compliant with the latest laws. We’ll also use that information to help you take advantage of the tax breaks designed to help those in your situation, whether you’re an individual or a business.

You’re not likely to find an individual bookkeeper who can provide our level of service at our rates, so outsourcing to OnTrack Accounting may be your best option. Our experienced associates will ensure you claim all of the credits and deductions allowed by law, which will help you maximize your profits. Even when it’s not time to file, we can help you develop a tax planning strategy that will help you pay less at the end of the year. Taking our services one step further, we can also lend a hand in estate, business succession, and retirement planning to help you ensure the future of your estate and business is in good hands.




“Sam worked with me to set up a new business chart of accounts, provided guidance on nuanced expense categories, considerations for business expansion plans and she even created custom reports. I recommend OnTrack Accounting to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, efficient and effective accountant, they are funny and charming too.”

– Neva Barmore


“On Track Accounting has worked with our companies organization for two years, and I highly recommend their services. They are helpful, personable, positive, easy to work with and thorough and quick at their tasks. They have become familiar with our somewhat complicated chart of accounts in short order. They are great problem solvers. They are all that I hoped for in an accountant and more!”

– Brian Corbley


“On Track Accounting has been running our payroll and books for the last 19 months and it has been a big help to the organization of our business. We are able to get people paid on time, get our accounting documents on time and we have less of a headache trying to figure out what money we have coming in and going out. They have been a big help and we’re glad to have them on our team.”

– Susan Russell

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