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Yes, You Can Go Paperless With Your Bookkeeping!

When you think of bookkeepers, you likely imagine an accountant surrounded by stacks of papers and files, jabbing away at an adding machine that spits out coils of even more paper. This mental stereotype may persist among older adults, but the reality is that bookkeeping is almost entirely digital now. Cloud storage allows for almost unlimited online storage, so very few documents need to be printed these days.

If your business still generates paper reports and files that require manual tracking and indexing and physical storage, then this should be welcome news.

Save Time, Space, and Trees

Most of us have transitioned to online banking for personal financial management. This technology has eliminated the physical paperwork that used to accompany account balancing, bill paying, and shopping transactions, and it can do the same for your business financials.

Online bookkeeping software and cloud storage allows you to generate and store documents digitally, without onsite servers that are vulnerable to viruses, natural disasters, and theft. Newer cloud-based software like Quickbooks Online simplifies and streamlines bookkeeping so you can keep abreast of your company’s performance and pinpoint areas for improvement. Cloud storage provides a reliable alternative for storing important financial documents, precluding the need for hard-copy backup files that take up precious office space.

Go Paperless with Online Bookkeeping

Online apps make it possible to have an off-site accounting service, eliminating the need to have a professional bookkeeper present onsite. Even current paper documents can be digitized via scanners and cell cameras, allowing their transfer via email. Your office and staff may be in Orange County, but you can sign and send important documents to them from just about anywhere on the globe. This means that you can save time, money, and office space by outsourcing your company’s financial services using a bookkeeping service.

Don’t Stop at Bookkeeping- Manage More of Your Office Online

Ready to scrap even more paper? Advances in system management software has made this efficient resource available to just about every kind of business. Taking more administrative processes online allows you to become less reliant on physical documentation. Even law firms, which are known for generating copious amounts of paperwork, have started using digital documents and cloud storage.

If your office has not gone paperless yet, it is high time to start using current technology to catch up with the rest of the business world!

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